Thai-Hoang Pham

I am a PhD candidate at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University (OSU) supervised by Prof. Ping Zhang. Before coming to OSU, I received my bachelor's degree from FPT University, where I was supervised by Dr. Phuong Le-Hong.

Email: pham dot 375 at osu dot edu

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My research interests are trustworthy machine learning (i.e., fairness, robustness, interpretability, causal inference, uncertainty quantification) and its application to biomedical domains (i.e., predictive modeling, drug discovery).

Selected Publications (*equal contributions)
Nonstationary Domain Generalization: Theory and Algorithm
Thai-Hoang Pham, Xueru Zhang, Ping Zhang
UAI 2024 (CORE Rank A*)
Fairness and Accuracy under Domain Generalization
Thai-Hoang Pham, Xueru Zhang, Ping Zhang
ICLR 2023 (CORE Rank A*)
A fair and interpretable network for clinical risk prediction: A regularized multi-view multi-task learning approach
Thai-Hoang Pham, Changchang Yin, Laxmi Mehta, Xueru Zhang, Ping Zhang
Knowledge and Information Systems (Impact factor: 2.7)
DREAM: Domain Invariant and Contrastive Representation for Sleep Dynamics
Seungyeon Lee*, Thai-Hoang Pham*, Ping Zhang
ICDM 2022 (CORE Rank A*)
FAME: Fragment-based Conditional Molecular Generation for Phenotypic Drug Discovery
Thai-Hoang Pham, Lei Xie, Ping Zhang
SDM 2022 (CORE Rank A)
Chemical-induced gene expression ranking and its application to pancreatic cancer drug repurposing
Thai-Hoang Pham, Yue Qiu, Jiahui Liu, Steven Zimmer, Eric O'Neill, Lei Xie, Ping Zhang
Patterns (Impact factor: 2.7)
Cardiac Complication Risk Profiling for Cancer Survivors via Multi-View Multi-Task Learning
Thai-Hoang Pham, Changchang Yin, Laxmi Mehta, Xueru Zhang, Ping Zhang
ICDM 2021 (CORE Rank A*) (Best paper candidate)
A deep learning framework for high-throughput mechanism-driven phenotype compound screening and its application to COVID-19 drug repurposing
Thai-Hoang Pham, Yue Qiu, Jucheng Zeng, Lei Xie, Ping Zhang
Nature Machine Intelligence (Impact factor: 25.898)
2018 and before
An empirical study on fine-grained named entity recognition
Khai Mai*, Thai-Hoang Pham*, Minh Trung Nguyen, Tuan Duc Nguyen, Danushka Bollegala, Ryohei Sasano, Satoshi Sekine
COLING 2018 (CORE Rank A)

Extended named entity recognition api and its applications in language education
Tuan Duc Nguyen, Khai Mai, Thai-Hoang Pham, Minh Trung Nguyen, Truc-Vien T Nguyen, Takashi Eguchi, Ryohei Sasano, Satoshi Sekine
ACL 2017 (CORE Rank A*) (System Demonstrations)


UAI Scholarship, UAI 2024.

Top reviewer, AISTATS 2023.

SIAM student travel award, SDM 2022.

Best paper candidate, ICDM 2021.

Vietnam Education Foundation 2.0 Scholarship, 2018.

Best paper candidate, IALP 2016.

Valedictorian, FPT University, 2015

The most excellent student, FPT University, 2013.

Excellent student, FPT University, 2012-2015

Second prize in 21st Vietnam Student Mathematical Olympiad, 2013.

Full scholarship for talented student, FPT University, 2011-2015.


Advisory Board member: Heliyon.

Program Committee member: ICLR (2024), NeurIPS (2023), KDD (2023), IJCAI (2023), AISTATS (2023, 2024), SDM (2023, 2024), ICDM (2022, 2023).

Journal reviewer: Heliyon, Bioinformatics, Scientific Reports, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

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